Guide on planning a team building event

Planning your next team building doesn’t have to be a hassle for you if you guide it. It should be a day where all has fun; thus, you should commence planning as early as possible ( Last-minute rushes may not be the best idea for you since you may end up with not enough time to prepare. Once you decide on hosting such an event, start by having an organizing committee in place that includes both management and employees since the day should be all-inclusive. Employees always feel appreciated once they are included in decision making, which you should never take for granted.

Here is a guide on planning your next team building activity:

1. Set a date

The first thing you need to do is set a date for the event. It allows you to have ample planning time to consolidate opinions and collect ideas from your team on what they expect. As you set the date, make sure you have a quorum to have fun at the event ( Team building activities would be fun if everyone can turn up for the event rather than having a few people. Setting the date weeks or a month ahead lets you get the financial approval done on time and book your days venue early enough without last minute disappointments.

2. Pick an activity and venue

Once you pick the date, you need now to choose an activity for the day. The decision needs to be all-inclusive to be memorable, and the day is quite a success. You can put a suggestion print on the notice board where everyone gets to write the activity they would prefer and pick one that suits all. As you decide to ensure the numbers feel comfortable with the one you chose because the day needs to be one to look forward to. After you settle for the activity, you may now proceed in finding a venue that. Have a couple of options in place so that you can weigh them and before you finally settle on one.

3. Budget

Since now you have the date and activity, you need now to create a budget as an organizing committee ( Take into consideration all costs that will be incurred on the day and have an allowance for unexpected extra spending since you never know what the future holds. In your budget, distribute the funds as per the need and seek approval from the top management on how soon you can access so that you pay for early venue bookings. While you make the budget as a committee, do not forget first to ask your boss how much is allocated on events before you create one that is too high to cater to.

4. Pay and look forward to the day

Now that all is in place, you need to pay for the venue and anything else that requires early booking. Ensure your first visit before you pay before you get disappointed with the amenities they have. After payment, now you can relax and look forward to the event and create memories at it. Also, ask for what’s included in the event venue hire package and weigh your options.