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Are you planning on venturing into sports like Canoeing or Kayaking?

Canoeing is among the recreational activities where one sits or kneels forward in a canoe; then, you propel yourself using a single bladed vessel at your own capacity.

As for Kayaking, just like canoeing, you navigate through water but in a double-bladed paddle.

Difference between Canoeing and Kayaking

 One difference that has already been explained is the single-bladed paddle that comes with canoeing and the double-bladed paddle that comes with Kayaking. Note that this does not make one less fun than the other; both of them are enjoyable activities.

 When it comes to speed, Kayaks are known to be faster and more agile than canoes. But in the hands of a professional, Canoes can be propelled to move faster too. Even faster than Kayaks

 In terms of weight, the narrow feature in Kayaks make them lighter than Canoes that have a more comprehensive structure making them a little heavier.

 In a Canoe, the paddle usually kneels or bends their knee just a little in the vessel. However, when Kayaking, there is a lower seat for the paddler then they stretch their legs.

 Pointed at both ends, canoes have an open deck meaning that the vessel is uncovered, while Kayaks have a closed deck surrounding the paddler.


• Due to the moving of the paddle, there is increased muscle strength in the back, shoulders and arms.

• Increased strength in the torso and legs because the power and strength of these vessels come from rotating the torso and applying pressure to the legs.

• Increased Cardiovascular fitness


One disadvantage about these sports is that it doesn’t protect you from different hazards that come with marines, such as dangerous tides and dangerous animals in the water.

In conclusion, these activities come with many health benefits and are highly recommended, but one should take a lot of caution when participating in them.